february + march wrap-up, favourites and others 🌸

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Dear reader,

It feels so weird to blog again. Do I have the time to do so? Not really. But I still want to take it because I miss it. I can’t say I’m fully back because my life is pretty hectic at the moment and I don’t know if I will ever have the time to write enough blog posts before responsabilities start catching me up again, but here I am nonetheless.

Anyway, I am back today with another wrap-up post!


As my life is pretty busy at the moment, reading hasn’t really been on my top priorities. I still found time to get some reading done, but not as much as usual.

Because I am wrapping up two months I won’t give my thoughts on all the books but if you want to know more about my rating feel free to ask me in the comments!

Here’s what I read in February:

  • King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo, 4/5 stars
  • Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb, 4/5 stars
  • Le Mariage de Figaro by Beaumarchais, 4/5 stars
  • Le Bourgeois gentilhomme by Molière, 4/5 stars
  • Valentin’s Date by Morgane Moncomble, 4/5 stars
  • The City in the Middle of the Night by Charlie Jane Anders, 3/5 stars
  • La Princesse de Clèves by Madame de la Fayette, 5/5 stars
  • The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, 4/5 stars
  • The Wicked King by Holly Black, 4/5 stars
  • The Lost Sisters by Holly Black, 3/5 stars
  • And a book I can’t talk about just yet.

And here is what I read in March:

  • Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas, 3/5 stars
  • Romances sans paroles by Paul Verlaine, 3/5 stars
  • La nuit de Valognes by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, 4/5 stars
  • Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare, 5/5 stars (re-read)
  • The Near Witch by V.E. Schwab, 4/5 stars
  • Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead, 3/5 stars

As you can see, I didn’t really discover many new favourites of mine. Hopefully the rest of the year will bring me more amazing books!


  • Rewatching Disney movies

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Ever since 2019 started I have been rewatching lots of different Disney movies. They always make me happy and I can’t get enough of it. So far I rewatched Frozen, Tangled, Moana, the Hunchback of Notre-Dame and Hercules! I also rewatched some around Christmas like the Aristocats and Peter Pan. There’s nothing like a good Disney movie.

  • Taking tea breaks

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As usual I have been taking lots of tea breaks at WH Smith this year and I am still loving it. Sitting for a few hours with a friend while drinking amazing tea and eating scones is everything, and it always makes me feel so relaxed. I hope I’ll be able to have more tea breaks over April.

  • Going to Livre Paris 2019

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As usual I went to Livre Paris this year, which is the biggest French book fair. It was so much fun even though there wasn’t any authors I wanted to see. I didn’t stay long but my friends and I had a great time there like every year.

  • Seeing Panic! At the Disco live

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I first discovered this band more than a year ago and kept listening to the Death of a Bachelor album while reading Magnus Chase on my way to London to see Hamilton. They then released their Pray for the Wicked album while I was at the hospital and it was what get me through it, but also through loosing my grand-mother. As soon as this album came out I knew I wanted to see them live. And I finally did. It was everything I wanted and I am so happy I got to share it with so many of my friends.

  • Heathers, the original UK cast recording

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Ever since they have released two songs from the musical I have been obsessed. I was waiting for this album to drop for months as everyone was talking about it and I had no chance to see it. Then they finally released the entire album and I am still listening to it all day every day. It is making me extremely happy and it’s all I needed.

  • Rewatching Pokemon: The Indigo League

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I don’t know why but I have been feeling so nostalgic lately that I decided to rewatch some old Pokemon episodes. Pokemon is a huge part of my life, of my childhood. I grew up watching the anime and playing the games on my Gameboy first then on my DS. I never stopped loving it and playing Pokemon Go only made me even more loving this world. I’m so glad I decided to rewatch this anime because it sure is making me happy.

  • Downton Abbey

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After finishing watching The Office I decided to get back to series I haven’t finished yet, and I ended up picking up again Downton Abbey. I am now obsessed again and can’t stop watching it. Plus Lily James is finally in it and I love her so much, so it’s all even better for me.

  • The return of Jane the Virgin

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Finally, Jane the Virgin is back and my sister and I couldn’t be happier. We fell in love with this show last year and we have been obsessed with it. It sure is one of our favourite tv shows. We are also currently rewatching some old eps because we missed it too much and watching one episode per week isn’t enough for us.


Like every month I usually put myself some goals. For February, I wanted to save more money (and I did! I have been able to pay back my computer!), to get back to studying for my next exams (I studied a lot for the written exams of my competition), to take more risks (I believe I at least tried), to work out twice a week (I gave up on it as working out was starting to make me feel sick again) and to spend a day alone in Paris (I haven’t, but I spent a few hours alone reading in a café and it’s a start).


Here are now my goals for April:

  • Saving money,
  • Enjoying my time with my friends and family,
  • Keeping studying,
  • Nailing the OWLs readathon 2019 (a blog post is coming about it).

And here we are! February and March have been pretty busy but I survived it all and I’m really happy to have finally written my wrap-up. I always love those blog posts as I can read them again in the future and see all that I did!

What about you? How many books have you read? What made you happy lately? Tell me all about it!

Love always,


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6 thoughts on “february + march wrap-up, favourites and others 🌸”

  1. You still read quite a few books, it’s impressive knowing how much the study load must have been difficult to deal with! I’m super curious about the OWLs readathon so I can’t wait to read your blog post about it 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful month of April Clara ♥


  2. Congrats on reading so many wonderful books this month!! Tangled is probably my favorite Disney movie, so I love that you rewatched it ❤ Your tea break looks so fun and aesthetic too 🙂 Saving money is such a great goal for this month. I definitely should be doing the same. I definitely need more tips on being financial savy!


  3. You managed to read a lot of books in the last two months, that’s great! I read and really liked The Near Witch just as well 🙂
    I’m so happy Jane The Virgin is back, I missed it so, so much, I cried the first two episodes hahaha. Too many emotions.
    I hope you will have a wonderful April ❤


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