My favourite places to read πŸ’—

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Dear reader,

We all have a routine as book lovers. We all have favourite moments to read during the day but also favourite places to do so. Some people love to read in the car, some don’t (or can’t because, you know, car sickness). The list goes on and on, as we are all unique and all have our preferences.

Today I want to share with you all my own favourite reading spots. I hope that you’ll like it!

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Mental Health Update

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Dear reader,

Last week I wrote a pretty emotional and honest caption over Instagram. After disappearing for a week I thought I had to be sincere since I always want to bring awareness when it comes to mental health issues.

As I am also keeping track of my progress over my blog I thought I could write a little something here as well about how I cope with dealing with a mental illness on a daily basis.

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Five books that taught me to love myself first πŸ’—

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Dear reader,

I wanted to write this blog post in time for Valentine’s Day but as I am only getting back to blogging I am only posting it now.

Books and literature have brought me so much in my life. They taught me a lot, made me dream a lot but also showed me what was good about myself, that I wasn’t abnormal and that I deserved to feel loved. That’s why today I want to present you five books that me to love myself first. Continue reading Five books that taught me to love myself first πŸ’—