My autumn bucket list 🎃🍂


Dear reader,

After all those blog posts saying that Autumn is my favourite season of the year, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have an entire bucket list for it. Last year Autumn went by way too fast and I haven’t been able to do all I wanted during it. This year I intend to do the most I can and to enjoy every second.

This blog post will be quite short, but I still wanted to be able to share with you all my 2018 Autumn bucket list.


Copie de Publication Twitter – Sans titre (8).png

  • Go to a pumpkin patch and to a corn maze 🎃
  • Bake something
  • Study at Starbucks while it’s raining outside 🌧
  • Going to new cafés and libraries ☕
  • Spending the day in my bed
  • Finish watching Gilmore Girls

Copie de Publication Twitter – Sans titre (7)

  • Rewatch Stranger Things
  • Buy autumnal clothes
  • Celebrate Halloween with my friends
  • Take pictures of dead leaves and of orange trees 🍂
  • Watch a scary movie
  • Get back to gothic literature 👻

Copie de Publication Twitter – Sans titre (9).png

And here we are! The picture in the middle is actually what I added to my bullet journal. I’m really happy to have this list and I can’t wait to see if I can do it all.

What about you?

Love always,



11 thoughts on “My autumn bucket list 🎃🍂”

  1. Lovely list! I need to watch Gilmore Girls too (barely seen the first few episodes! Yikes!), and hope to visit a pumpkin patch and corn maze too! A rewatch of Stranger Things also sounds like a fantastic idea. I hope you’re able to mark many of these off your list, Clara! 💗


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