My favourite books set at university


Dear reader,

If you don’t know by now I am obsessed with books that are set at university or at school in general. To be honest I have always been obsessed with school – I was the kind of kids who felt at home there, even though I got bullied afterwards for a part of my life. Still I always loved studying and even begged my parents to put me in a boarding school as I loved the idea to live in a community and to study at all time, but we didn’t have the money for it. Becoming a teacher is probably the best thing that could ever happen to me by now. (And if you want to know something funny my family and I moved into my mother’s school as her job comes with an appartment and I feel so good there, mostly because it is in a school and it calms me down.)

Anyway, it’s no surprise now that I do love books that are set at university or at school. They make me feel better, they calm me down and make me relax. There’s something about school that helps me breathe, maybe because of all the rules you have to obey and how everything makes sense. Well, reading about it makes me feel the same way and that’s why today I decided to present you four of my favourite books set at university.

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I know that I keep recommending this book and I most certainly know that Fangirl isn’t for everyone. However I love it with all my heart and it makes me feel at home whenever I read it. I even had to put the book on my desk, away from my shelves, because of how good it makes me feel to only see it. It makes me feel safe, as if I was with Cath in her dorm, all alone writing and studying while it’s raining outside and everything is quiet at university. I know that many people found Fangirl boring and it sure is character driven instead of following a plot and a lot of people thought that Rainbow Rowell’s writing style wasn’t their cup of tea, but I truly believe that this book is powerful and can bring something to everyone, especially if you like books set at university like I do.

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This may be the most recommended book that is set at university but I have to say that it still is one of the best I have ever read. Reading it feels weird sometimes as the whole thing is mysterious, dark and you are somehow the witness of something sombre. Still reading it also made me feel amazing: It was like studying ancient greek with the whole set of characters in a very old university while all the trees are turning orange and loosing their leaves. It sure is a dark and poetic read, but that’s also why it makes it such a perfect book.

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I read Emergency Contact this year and surprisingly fell in love with it. I knew nothing about it and seeing that it was set at university was a total surprise. It felt like a very sarcastic and dark version of Fangirl, yet it was still colourful and full of hope. Just like Fangirl it did receive some negative reviews because it sure is slow and, once again, character driven (plus they are pretty negative and sarcastic, but that’s what made me love them as I am a very sarcastic person), but this book meant a lot to me. I highly recommend it if you don’t mind negative characters (meaning that they are usually sad and have a hard time trying to see the good in everything) and if you love books about university.

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I had to add this book as it is one of my favourite books ever, even though it doesn’t truly take place at university but still starts there. Honestly if you love superheroes stories, antiheroes and Frankenstein, you’ll love this one. Reading it felt like listening to a complex physics class in a prestigious university such as Harvard while wearing your favourite sweater and big glasses. I don’t know if you feel me, but that’s my idea of paradise. Everything felt dark and brilliant – the main characters were genius and following them on their crazy university project felt amazing. If you aren’t afraid of good people going bad, then you should definitely pick this one up.

And here we are! I could have add many other books but wanted to focus on those I loved the most. Of course if you have some to recommend me, please do! I am always looking for books, movies or tv shows set at university. (I also follow many Youtube channels and Instagram accounts of people studying in big universities like Oxford, so if you know any please hit me up.)

Do you also feel good about books set at school? Do you prefer avoiding this topic? Please share all your thoughts with us!

Love always,


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9 thoughts on “My favourite books set at university”

  1. This is such a great post, Clara ❀ I love all of your recommendations here – I have The Secret History and Fangirl on my TBR and can't wait to read both. I also loved Emergency Contact so, very much, this book means the world to me ❀ ❀


  2. Oh I’d love to know who of this students in Oxfords, etc. you are following! I’ve only seen a video once but I really enjoyed seeing how honest it was (and dreamy in a way). It’s nice to have this kind of blog post as reading at uni, especially the book we HAVE TO read. They are not all as bad as we can imagine and they allow us to step out of our comfort zone when it comes to books.



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