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Dear reader,

I have now decided that I will post my book reviews every two weeks on Sundays. As I enjoy readingย  (I read a lot of book reviews) and writing some, I really want to get back to it. It’s always so nice to read some book recommendations online to figure out what to read next.

Today, I will share four different mini book reviews that deal with OCD. Mental health is a very important subject for me and as I suffer from OCD I thought I could share with you all some of the latest books I read about it. They will all be short so this blog post won’t be too long. So without further ado, let’s dive into it!

โฅ Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

Under Rose-Tainted Skies (thebookwormofnotredame)

I gave this book 4 stars – it was cute, what I needed at the time and relatable.

The main character Norah suffer from OCD and is agoraphobic – I can only speak for the OCD part but I thought that it was really well done. However, what I mostly love in this book was how close Norah was to her mother and how amazing their relationship was. I loved seeing those two love each other that much and being so nice and caring towards each other. It felt good to read about this kind of relationships as I often seem to read about dysfunctional families, especially in contemporary books.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and even though it was quite short I would highly recommend it.


โฅ Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

Am I Normal Yet (thebookwormofnotredame)

I already wrote a review for this book that you can find either on Goodreads and on my blog . Even though I had some small issues with how the feminism speech was delivered in this one, I really loved it and related to the main character a lot. It was the first book I read which dealt with OCD after my diagnosis and I was so glad to have it at that time. Plus, I lived the exact same thing as the main character at some point and even though it was hard to read about it it also felt good.

I ended up giving this book 4/5 stars and can’t wait to read more from this author who is so well-loved in our community.


โฅย Every Last Word byย Tamara Ireland Stone

Every Last Word (thebookwormofnotredame)

Now I gave this book only 3/5 stars which isn’t so bad, but I still was very disappointed by this one.

I really tried to love the story but simply couldn’t. I felt as if the romance was rushed and the end made no sense to me, even though I saw it coming long ago. However, the OCD part was really great and it made me so mad to see so many people on Goodreads saying how inacurate it was, especially coming from people who don’t suffer from OCD. Like the main character Sam I suffer more from the obsessive part than the compulsive one. You may not even realise I suffer from OCD, and that’s mainly because I don’t live by the stigma of OCD – i.e. being obsessed with being clean (which is so clichรฉ). What Sam goes through, all those awful thoughts, I deal with it every day and I was so happy to see so much of myself in a character.

If you love YA contemporaries about secret clubs and poetry you may love this one!


โฅย Turtles All the Way Down by John Green


If you don’t know, I do not really love John Green books. I tried, but I just can’t. However I wanted to try this one out when it came out and I thought it was okay, mostly the anxiety and OCD part. When I read it I didn’t know about my OCD but thinking about it now makes me realise how amazing the rep is. It is to be noted that this book gave me anxiety though – I was suffering with the main character and I know that a lot of people felt the same way so be careful if you ever want to try it.

I gave this book 3/5 stars: anyone who loves John Green will love this book as it is his best work yet!


I hope that you loved this blog post and that it made you want to pick up one of those books! Do not hesitate to tell me if you ever read one of them or another one about OCD – I need more on my wish-list!

Love always,


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4 mini reviews | OCD edition (thebookwormofnotredame)

8 thoughts on “Mini reviews | OCD edition”

  1. I loved your mini reviews, Clara. โค I have read some of these books and loved them (Under Rose-Tainted Skies, Turtles All The Way Down and you're right that that one is quite triggering, but the representation is own voices and A+, I thought it was one of his best work, too!) ๐Ÿ™‚ I really, really want to read this Holly Bourne book, I recently added it to my wishlist because of you ๐Ÿ™‚ โค


      1. Haha how could I EVER hate you, Clara, you’re an angel and a ray of sunshine โค Even if you don't like John Green and that breaks my heart, I couldn't hate you haha โค
        I NEED TO read more of holly bourne's books for sure, I have all of them on my TBR already ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I know I’m really late but I just read this post for the first time today! I wanted to quote my fav part of this review:
    “It is to be noted that this book gave me anxiety though โ€“ I was suffering with the main character.”
    I didn’t think anybody else felt the same way about TATWD as I did – I thought it was abnormal for me to freak out/be triggered when reading this. :/
    Thank you so much for this review! It is so, so, so nice to know that there are people out there who feel the same way.
    P.S. – I came from your instagram, but I love all of your posts! On all of your media platforms! Take care!


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