Pride month recommendations

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Dear reader,

If you don’t know, June is a very special month: it’s pride month. As a cis straight woman (who still is demisexual), I do not feel as if I belong into the LGBTQIA+ community but I still wanted to write a blog post about it because diversity in today’s literature is very important and should be talked about more, especially online in the book community itself.

I decided to ask people who belong to the book community and the LGBTQIA+ one to recommend me some books with a great rep and which mattered to them in some ways. It was very important for me to let the community talks by itself.

Some of them decided to stay anonymous but they all agreed to tell me their sexuality and gender. I only shared five of them for now, but if you like it I’ll write another blog post about it later on.

X recommends…

X is a cisgender bisexual girl. The last book that really mattered to her was The Brightsiders by Jen Wilde. About it she says, “It has a great representation and carries a very important message, with bisexual, pansexual and gender queer characters.

A teen rockstar has to navigate family, love, coming out, and life in the spotlight after being labeled the latest celebrity trainwreck in Jen Wilde's quirky and utterly relatable novel. As a rock star drummer in t.png

Rep: gender queer, nonbinary, questioning, bisexual and pansexual.

Gabi recommends…

Gabi is a cisgender asexual aboromantic with homoromantic tendencies girl. She recommends Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee,


Radio Silence by Alice Osman


and Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour.


Rep: asexual (Tash HeartsTolstoy), demisexual, bisexual, homosexual (Radio Silence) and homoromantic (Everything Leads To You).

Zoé recommends…

Zoé is a cisgender bisexual girl. She recommends the Six of Crows duology. About it, she says, “Nina wasn’t only openly bi and never shamed for it – she was also thick/fat and yet her storyline never resolved around her losing weight. That’s why this duology has an amazing bi rep, because it’s about a bi girl who’s happy and confident with her body and sexuality.


Rep: bisexual.

Isa recommends…

Isa is genderfluid and panromantic asexual. They recommend Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake. About it, they say, “I could relate to a lot of the things Charlie was going through, even though it’s not the focus of the story at all.

crows (1).png

Rep: gender queer.

Nadège recommends…

Nadège is a cisgender bisexual girl. She recommends The Seven Husbands of Evenlyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

crows (2).png

Rep: bisexual.

More books for pride month…

If you are interrested in reading more books with LGBTQIA+ character but doesn’t have a lot of money, Riveted allows you to read some titles from their collection for free if you follow this link.

If you want to read more diverse books, you can always check those two blogs as well! Planete Diversité is a French blog, while LGBTQ Reads is in English.

Finally, I wanted to add two newsletters I received from publishers I follow who included diverse reads for their recommendations: HMH teens and Fierce Reads!

I hope that this blog post was useful to you! Please, always remind yourself that you matter, that you are valid and that you are loved. This blog, and my bookstagram account as well, is a safe place for everyone, regardless of your sexuality, gender, origins and more. You are you and I love you that way.

Happy pridemonth!

Love always,


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10 thoughts on “Pride month recommendations”

  1. Oh this is such a great post, thank you for doing this ❤ I love all of the recommendations there – I have read and loved Queens of Geek, Everything Leads To You and Radio Silence and I can't wait to read Six of Crows 🙂


      1. It was intimidating, but I am really enjoying it more than I thought I would! I LOVE INEJ the most, I think 😍 but everyone is so cool, Jesper is so much fun as well 😍 WHAT AN AMAZING CAST.


      2. INEJ IS INCREDIBLE, really I love her more and more with every page. ❤
        I haven't read it just yet – I don't know if I will anytime soon, I have read some mixed reviews about it :/ Did you read it? 🙂


      3. Yes, I did! I read the entire trilogy in like five days haha. It wasn’t the best and it sure is different from the SoC duology but it’s still great! I read it before reading CK and it brought me a lot as we are seeing some characters from the Grisha trilogy in it!

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