We all have a reading routine. We all have these habits when we start to read because it makes us feel comfortable and at ease. For some people it’s before bed. For others it’s only the weekends.

As for me, I can read everywhere. I can read in bed, at a party, in the subway – it truly doesn’t matter. Anyway I still have an idea of what a perfect reading day is and that’s what I’m going to talk about today. So this is my reading routine.

    1. Comfy clothes

When I decide to have the perfect reading day, I always put on some comfy clothes. It’s usually a pair of leggings, a big big big sweater and some big socks too. It’s not even my pjs, it’s just my comfy outfit. That way I can feel warm and safe whenever I am in my house because wearing it feels like the best hug in the whole world.

    2. Tea

I used to hate coffee. Now that I’m a student I didn’t have the choice but to force myself and to start enjoying it. However I still am a tea person. When I want to have the best reading day ever, I will never decide to drink coffee – oh no. I need my BIG cup of tea, usually green or black, and by “big” I mean I only have big mugs. I’m not an amateur here. There’s nothing better than that, you know, when you feel the tea going down in your body and how its warmth spreads into you. Ahhhh.

    3. Blanket

Of course, I need a blanket. For my perfect reading day, I’m in my bed with some pillow on my backs, maybe my fairylights on (because I know how much you all love my bed and my fairylights), and I will put my blanket on me because it’s so warm and soft and fluffy (so fluffy I might die, yes it’s that fluffy).

    4. Rain

Okay I love the rain and it doesn’t have to happen to make me happy when I read but I have to say that when I’m at home, in my comfy clothes, with my huge cup of tea and under my blanket – oh boy it’s even better when it’s raining outside and it’s all dark and you have to turn the lights on. Do you feel me? I feel like dying trying to explaining it because it brings me so much joy to just imagine it. Do you have an idea then of how happy rain makes me? Now I need a day like this. Please, universe, make it happen.

    5. My kitten

 Well, that’s not something I really need to have the perfect reading day. However I love to have my kitten near me when I’m relaxing. Usually she sleeps the whole day with me when I decide to stay at home and she just stays next to me and asks for cuddles. A cutie pie, right? So yes I love to have her by my side because even though she’s fat (she’s not even growing up since we had her, she’s just getting fatter and fatter) and somehow stupid (I love my cat, don’t get me wrong, she’s just not a smart cat) I love her deeply and I want her next to me. Cheesy, uh?


So this is my reading routine and I hope you loved it. I’m still a newbie at this blog kidan game but I’m going to do my best to get better at it.

What’s your reading routine?



7 thoughts on “My reading routine

  1. I literally relate to each and everything in this post! I am a coffee person, but I do like having tea sometimes, I guess that’s the only thing that differs.

    Also, I wanted to mention that I just found your blog, and I’m already hooked! I love finding new blogs! Keep doing what you’re doing!

    xoxo, Rawan from RMAI


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