How to read when you’re busy

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 “So many books. So little time.”

I’m a really busy person. I have my studies, my job and I’m still trying to have a social life, to exercice and to write next to my bookstagram account. Now I also have this blog. So how do I even find time to read +/- 10 novels per month?

You know the struggle. A lot of us readers are busy person : unfortunately we can’t just stay at home and read all day, even though we would love to. Life happens and we have responsibilities. For some person it’s really easy to coordinate everthing. For others it may seem challenging, nay impossible. This is why I decided to write this post : to help you to get through this and to have a guide that may help you to solve this problem with five simple rules.

  1. Always have a book with you

This is the first and the most important rule. You’re going to the grocery shop with your dad? Take a book. You’re going to the theatre with some friends? Take a book. You’re going to class? Take – a – book. You never know when you will finaly have the time to read. Maybe you will have to wait for your father for ten minutes, maybe your teacher won’t come to class, maybe your friends will be late. Having a book with you is a great way to be sure to always have some time to read. Even if you only read two pages, it’s already a little bit more than what you would have read in the whole day.


2. Be organised

When you’re a busy person, you have two options to deal with it : either you let life dictates you what you have to do or you try to be organised. I have to say that I am an organisation addict and that helps me a lot to find time to read. Because I know exactly what I have to do in a day and when I will have to do it, I also know when I can read and organise my time to at least have a day per week (or every two weeks tops) to stay at home for my readings. If you’re busy and you feel like you’re running out of time, I highly suggest you to buy a planner and to start organising everything. Be realistic, otpimise your time and see when you can study/work/see your friends and when you can actually spend some times at home (or elsewhere) with your book. It will be a lot easier than just see what life has for you and try to read when the opportunity comes to you. You need to make the reading happens. That also means that you have to schedule your reading time. Let’s say that you want to read at least an hour a day, then you just have to make yourself read an hour before bed. Figure out what time is the best for your reading and do it. It may demands a lot of discipline but it’s a good way to keep reading even though you’re busy.

3. Read everywhere

If you want to read a lot when you’re busy, you can’t just be happy with only a reading day per week. Because you’re a reader, you will want to read more and more and more. And here is the solution : read everywhere. It may seems stupid but it’s not that simple for everyone. Some people are unable to read outside because they need the comfort of their house. But if you want to keep reading while being busy, you’ll have to learn to appreciate reading outdoors. First, if you have to take the train or else to go to work/school, read in it. A lot of people have at least an hour before arriving to their work and you can use this hour to read. I personnaly love to read in the train, even more than reading at home, but I know some people find it frustrating and irritating because you always have to stop at the worst time and also because there may be a lot of noise. It’s still a great way to read if you don’t have the time anymore. By having a book everywhere with you (rule n1), you’ll always find some time. You can now read while waiting for your next class (or during class if you feel rebellious), while eating your lunch etc. Don’t just see reading as an activity you can only do at home.


4. Read with your friends

When you finally have some free time, you may want to spend it with your friends instead of staying alone at home (even though it’s always a good idea to stay home or to spend some time alone). If you have friends who also love to read, then you’re incredibly lucky because you will be able to associate your reading time with your friends! All you have to do is to throw a reading party. Nothing’s easier : on a table (or on the floor, who cares?) put some food and drinks. Invite some friends. Take a book. And… read! You can also challenge your friends, like try to see who can read 100 pages faster or how many pages you can read in only an hour. Also, you can create a book club (or simply join one). And, of course, you can force your friends to read or be unsociable and read whenever you’re with them because who cares what they think? Talking is overated.

5. Read on different formats

This is the final rule of this guide on how to read when you’re busy. As for me, I mostly read physical books. I love their scent, how they feel in my hands… well let’s just say that I love physical books a lot. But sometimes it may seem easier to find another way to read. For exemple, when I’m bored in class, I tend to read some e-books on my iPad (who’s rebellious now uh?). I only have books that you can’t find in physical copy and because I don’t like to read e-books when I have the choice, I thought it would be a great way to read them when I actually have no choice at all – I can’t pull out my big book in class so reading on my iPad is a little bit more discreet. Plus, if you think your book is too heavy or that you have no space for it in your bag, e-books are always a great idea. You can also listen to audio books, even though I don’t really do it, but I heard it’s a great way to keep reading while driving or cleaning your room for example. Finaly, all you have to do is to read lots of different books. I usually have two books on my currently reading list : an e-book and a physical book. I can also have another one if the first one is too heavy and that I have to take a smaller one with me on the train.


Now that you have the five rules on how to read when you’re busy, you have no excuses for falling your Goodreads challenge! So who’s with me for a reading party?



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