My introduction post

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Hello beautiful people !

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you follow my bookstagram account and because I made a lot of promo around this blog. If you’re not then I’m glad to meet you!

I thought that this introduction post may be boring and I decided to write it as a Q&A so it would be simpler for you to go through it! I hope it will be a little bit interresting and that it will make you know me better.

  1. Okay but who are you?

My name is Clara, I’m 21 years old and I live in Paris, France. I’m currently studying publishing and communication (master’s degree) and I’m also working in a french publishing house.

2. Why did you create this blog?

I had this idea of creating a book blog for a while now but finally decided to create a bookstagram account. However I still had this desire of creating my own blog and I thought it would be a good idea to have it next to my bookstagram. It will allow me to write more, to share with you more of my thoughts, to post some of my reviews and to discuss about real things like diversity or sex in books, things that are important to me and that I can’t really talk about on bookstagram because I don’t necessarily have space for it. In the end I thought it would also be a great way to improve my english – I will move to the UK or to the Canada in two years and I want to be excellent at it. I do not only want to have oral skills – I mostly want to write perfectly in english and that’s why it may be a great way to do it!

3. When and what will you be posting?

For now, I will do my best. I have to admit that I’m a really busy person. I already have a lot to do for school, I’m also working and I still have to work on my bookstagram account. However I’m planning on posting every sundays for now – hopefully I will be able to post every wednesdays and sundays in the future.

I will be posting lots of different things. You will obviously have the usual : you’ll find my wrap up, tbr (to be read) and haul of the month. Beside all of that, I will be posting reviews (no kidding?), recommendations, discussions, tags… and you will also find in my blog some “how to” posts, “101” posts and finally some “discover paris” posts when I will make you visit my beautiful city in a bookish way. Expect a lot of gifs in my posts ! Every month I will also work with one of my dearest friend, Roxanne, who also created a blog recently – we will create some posts together, work on them and you will have more content and thoughts on different subjects. Excited? Well I am so it’s okay!

4. Okay okay that’s nice but what do you actually love to read?

I mostly read YA (young adult) and NA (new adult). I love fantasy, sci-fi and romance. I have to feed my romantic soul every month and read cheesy/cute/fluffy love stories. But sometimes I need to read a book with a super badass main character who kills everyone… and that’s when I read fantasy or sci-fi.

So this is all for my introduction post! I hope you had all the informations you needed and that you’re just as excited as I am because oh boy am I excited! My first real post will be up on sunday the 4th of december – save the date !



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